Below you will find ideas, comments, and relevant research on benchmarking by experts from the wearable robotics community.


This section includes news to the most recent events related to benchmarking in the wearable robotics community.

European Commission supports benchmarking (by Anne Bajart)

In the past two years, five EU-funded projects (BALANCE, Biomot, H2R, Koroibot and WALK-MAN ), ...
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Benchmarking Based on Functional Asymmetry and Perception (by Kyle B. Reed)

Normal healthy walking patterns are characterized by symmetric steps taken with each leg. Individuals with ...
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Assessment Tools for Benchmarking Lower Limb Prosthetic Gait (by Stephanie L. Carey)

In order to determine which prosthetic components, treatments and technologies will generate the best patient ...
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Benchmarking of balance (by Jan Veneman)

The main goal of the FP7 project BALANCE ( is to explore the possibility to ...
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Benchmarking the interaction in lower limb wearable robots (by Jose Gonzalez)

During the 14th International conference on Rehabilitation Robotics 2015 in Singapore, the H2R project together ...
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GOLDEN GAIT: A bridge between golden ratio and harmony of walking (by Marco Iosa)

When Kepler choose the title “Harmonices Mundi” (The Harmony of the Word) for his book ...
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Why benchmarking Wearable Robots?

Lower limb wearable robots are entering an exciting era. An increasing number of solutions are ...
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