Venue: Humanoids 2017 conference, Birminghan, UK

Date: November 15-17, 2017



In the framework of five European projects (H2R, Koroibot, Walkman, Biomot and Balance) we recently developed a benchmarking framework for the evaluation of bipedal functions. In past workshops, we shared this preliminary scheme with the Humanoids and related communities. In this workshop, we will gather worldwide experts in the field of humanoid locomotion to discuss emerging methods, protocols and devices for the assessment and comparison of walking and postural robotic performance.


Diego Torricelli (CSIC, Spain), diego.torricelli(at)
Katja Mombaur (University of Heidelberg, Germany), katja.mombaur(at)
Nikos Tsagarakis (IIT, Italy), nikos.tsagarakis(at)

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Workshop @ Humanoids 2017: “Benchmarking: the next challenge in Humanoid Robotics Research”