Workshop @ BIOROB2018:
EUROBENCH Info Day & Pre‐proposal check: Improve your project proposal!
Organizers: Diego Torricelli, Jose Luis Pons

When: August 26, 2018 (9:30 – 12:30)
Where: Biorob 2018, Campus University of Twente


The EUROBENCH project aims to create the first benchmarking framework for bipedal robotic technologies such as exoskeletons, prosthetics and humanoids. This framework will allow companies and/or researchers to test the performance of their robots at any stage of development. The project will offer Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) to develop and validate specific sub-components of the framework, through two competitive Open Calls (more info at:

This workshop will help participant of first Open Call (FSTP-1), to:

• Improve the quality of their project proposals (Pre‐proposal check event)

• Interact with EUROBENCH Consortium on the goals and modalities of Open Calls (Info Day event)

Participants interested in the pre‐proposal check event should submit a good first draft of their proposal one month prior to the meeting. They will be contacted two weeks before the event to assess the degree of completion of their proposals. Short‐listed candidates will be invited based on the available places. Selected proposers will discuss their proposals with a Consortium expert panel, during a private and confidential meeting.


This workshop will be organized in two parts, of 3 hours each.

The first part (oral presentations):

• Introduction (30’): The EUROBENCH coordinator will present the project goals, frequently asked questions, and modalities of submission.

• Hot topics (2h’): EUROBENCH Project Partners will present specific topics that will be given priorities in the Open Calls, to encourage building new consortia on the highlighted topics.

• A final “Q&A” time slot (30’) will clarify any issues not covered previously.

In the second part of the workshop, the members of the EUROBENCH Consortium will meet up with selected proposers in private and confidential meetings, discussing their projects in more detail (around 30’ each).


About the author:

Neural Rehabilitation Group , Cajal Institute, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain

Workshop @ BIOROB2018 “EUROBENCH Info Day & Pre‐proposal check: Improve your project proposal!”