Venue: Humanoids 2015 conference, Seoul, Korea

Date: Tuesday, Nov 3rd, 2015, 2-5pm, room: Lounge

Webpage: http://benchmarkinglocomotion.org/workshop-humanoids-2015



An increasing number of humanoid platforms are moving out of the lab, approaching real scenarios and home-based assistive applications. Great efforts are now devoted to establish systematic frameworks to evaluate the performance of robots under all their facets, i.e. locomotion, manipulation, human-robot interaction, disaster-responding, etc.

In the framework of the three European projects H2R, Koroibot and Walkman, we developed a benchmarking scheme for the evaluation of bipedal functions of humanoid robots*. The scheme has been designed for its application across different research laboratories and in several perturbed conditions. With this workshop, we want to share this preliminary scheme with the Humanoids Community, and start working towards the definition of a common benchmarking perspective.

With this workshop we would like to make a step forward, and bring together different researchers already active in the development evaluation methods and protocols, with the goal of identifying the critical issues in translating these approaches into consented benchmarks.


* Torricelli, D., Gonzalez-vargas, J., Mombaur, K., Tsagarakis, N., Moreno, J. C., & Pons, J. L. (2015). Benchmarking Bipedal Locomotion. A Unified Scheme for Humanoids, Wearable Robots, and Humans. IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, (September), 103–115.


Invited talks:

2:00 – 2:20 Jose Gonzalez (CSIC, Spain), Title: “A unified framework for the benchmarking of humanoid bipedal functions”

2:20 – 2:40 Katja Mombaur (University of Heidelberg, Germany), Title: “Benchmarking the similarities between humans and humanoids. The Koroibot Project”

2:40 – 3:00 Nikos Tsagarakis (IIT, Italy), Title: “Benchmarking humanoid stability during push perturbations. The Walk-Man Project”

3:00 – 3:20 Oliver Stasse (LAAS-CNRS, France), Title: “Benchmarking the HRP-2 humanoid robot in different walking situations”

3:20 – 3:40 Vittorio Lippi (Freiburg University, Germany), Title: “Benchmarking human-like postural control of humanoids during perturbed conditions”

3:40 – 4:00 Joo H. Kim (New York University, USA), Title: “”Humanoid vs. Human: Energy Expenditure and Balance Stability of Walking””

4:00 – 4:20 Francesco Nori (IIT, Italy), Title: “wholeBodyInterface: a software abstraction layer for benchmarking whole-body motion control”

4:20 – 4:40 Ricardo Téllez (The Construct Sim, CTO and Co-Founder), “Title: Cloud simulation for robot benchmarking”

4:40 – 5:00 Final discussion and conclusion



Diego Torricelli (CSIC, Spain), diego.torricelli@csic.es

Katja Mombaur (University of Heidelberg, Germany), katja.mombaur@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de

Nikos Tsagarakis (IIT, Italy), nikos.tsagarakis@iit.it

Jose Gonzalez (CSIC, Spain), je.gonzalez@csic.es


About the author:

Neural Rehabilitation Group, Cajal Institute
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain

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Workshop @ Humanoids 2015: “Benchmarking bipedal functions of humanoids robots: towards a unified framework”